Managing the risk of investment

We value the importance of investors in the development process. Films are often classified as higher risk investments, but Twelve Chairs Films endeavours to manage risks in a way which optimises returns.


By using SEIS and EIS investment vehicles, UK taxpayers can benefit from generous HMRC tax reliefs. These benefits can be worth up to 70% of the investment. Risks are further mitigated by spreading investments, when possible, over a slate of projects.


In addition, we structure our film projects in such a way that they qualify for maximum UK Tax Relief on production costs.


Finally, our agile approach to production allows us to iteratively test aspects of the final film with audiences and distributors so maximizing our success.


We believe that this approach significantly reduces investment risk while maintaining all the unlimited upside potential of a successful film.

Tailored proposition

Our current Investment Prospectus will give you a range of standard investment options. In addition, for some investors, we are able to put together a tailored, value-adding package.